This Page is for Agilegrip DIYS kits.
Unquestionably the best surface available!
For new plywood, you should prime and paint the edges of your piece if you want to protect it from the elements and seal your panels. It is easiest to do this as you prime/paint the back of your panel with normal primer and paint. Two coats of material are recommended.
The surface can be cleaned with a bristled scrub brush and a mild cleanser and can be pressure washed. Agilegrip is made to stand up to winter and freezing.
Neither the binder (glue) nor the pellets are classified as hazardous materials. Always apply the product in a well ventilated area!
Your surface will be ready to use in 5 to 7 days, depending on the temperature and humidity.
Rubber Coating for Agility Contact Equipment
Safe - Quiet - Long Lasting
Hi QualityAdhesive (Agilebinder) is made specifically for Agilegrip Pellets. It also turns into rubber
when fully cured!
Hi Quality TPV Solid UV Resistant
Rubber GranulesThe Colour in
the Rubber is 100%, not painted onto the chips.
Agilegrip has now stood the test of time. It is very durable and lasts a very long time.
Your Dog Deserves the Best!!!
We have developed application for aluminum panels with our proven etching process. This is really a long-lasting, lightweight combination!
Agilegrip will strongly adhere to Aluminum if properly prepared.

It will NOT adhere to shiny surfaces or plastic!

Complete directions are included in the instruction DVD and directions.
Always use Agileprimer for any application using brand new wood.
Choose your kit from the "For New Wood" section in the shopping pages.
Do not paint/prime the surface of new wood panels!

Follow the easy-to-do directions on the Instructional DVD! Agilegrip may re-activate fresh paint/primer and you may lose adhesion to the wood.
This video shows simple steps to apply Agilegrip.

Great News!
It's even easier now!!!

Pre-Measured pellets, measuring cups, you get it all!

Full details included in the instructional DVD included with your kit.
Order Your kits including Agileprimer from the "New Wood"
section of the shopping cart!
Order kits to go over your current sand/paint surface from the "Existing Surface" section.
Agilegrip recommends "etching" your existing contacts. While some existing sand surfaces have 100% sand coverage with NO shiny spots, some sand surfaces have wear spots and small shiny areas. This does NOT mean that you have to take off all the sand suface when you sand. Take off any sand that is loose. It is merely a hand-scuff to ensure that there is "etching" on the panel to get the best, longest lasting adhesion possible.
Light Blue (Sky)
Regular Blue
Contacts are always packed with yellow chips. Choose your table to be either the colour of your kits or to be yellow. Agilegrip displaces the sun's heat in the summer and remains much cooler than sand/paint.
New Wood
Seal and Paint the back and sides of the panels as usual.
Using Agile Primer with your surface application will ensure optimum results!

You will get great results with good-one side plywood.
We do recommend using the best wood available, Marine Grade if possible. Marine grade is more expensive and may be hard to find, but it has waterproof glue and contains extra layers of material to increase strength with a thinner thickness.
If your Marine Grade plywood is hardwood (like Mahogany), no Agileprimer is needed. If you Marine Grade plywood is softwood (like Fir) you will need Agileprimer.
Slats are no longer required by AAC!!!
You can apply Agilegrip right overtop of your existing wooden Slats!
Agilegrip Rubber Slats are available in the online store.
Existing Contacts
Is It Easy to Do?
Edges of the Panels
After I'm Done
Is it Tough
**Canadian Shipping Info**
There is a varied product list of plywood available today. Some provinces, like BC, have Fir, which is a harder wood than Spruce. Alberta,for example,offers mostly Spruce, which is softer. Applying Agileprimer will solve any "soak-in" issues that may pop up and ensure proper coverage of Agilegrip. Follow the easy-to-do DVD instructions.

A quart of Agileprimer will cover about 65 sq. feet , depending on the type of the wood.
Aframe,DW,Teeter,Table=111 Square feet or (2 cans)
All shipping of fluids are shipped by courier only! Sorry, no Canada Post PO Boxes.
Rural Addresses with multiple "Zeros" in the postal code may not be available!

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